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Very informative and good for all the Astrologers. Thanks Vinod. Sun,mercury and gulika in 10th position in my daugter's chart. I want to know the result of this Gulika holds an important position in the evaluation of a natal chart. It is also called as Maandi , like Rahu and Ketu, has no physical existence. But it always makes a difference in the natal chart output. Gulika is generally considered the most malefic entity in a chart.

According to the set standards of assessment of maleficence, it surpasses all natural malefics. Gulika enjoys a special status almost like an independent planet, and in strological classics it is considered as a minor planet or subplanet. In the traditional astrological practice, the Gulika-Kundali a horoscopic chart, with houses reckoned from the position of Gulika used to be an essential component of the Janma-patri the scroll carrying the horoscopic details of a native, according to the traditional system of making horoscopes in India.

Similar in density to Rahu-Ketu, Gulika has no mass and is therefore undetectable with the material eye. It is however vividly obvious to the psychic eye located in the Ajna chakra at the point between the two material eyes. In karma bhava [10th] Gulika develops public religious behaviors, especially a visible devotion to tapasya austerities. In Vedic astrology, Gulika and Maandi are considered synonymous although some people try to differentiate between them. Gulika denotes a certain segment of timecontrolled by Saturn.

The position of Gulika is different for daytime from sunrise to sunset and night time from sunset to sunrise. The duration of the day or of the night as the case may be is divided into eight parts. The segment belonging to Saturn is known as Gulika. For daytime, the first segment the first one-eighth of the night belongs to the planetary lord of the weekday that falls fifth from the weekday under consideration.

The subsequent segments belong similarly to other planets that rule the weekdays in natural order. The eighth part here too is without a lord. In each case the part belonging to Saturn is called as Gulika. The segment of Saturn during the day or during the night would have some duration. Some people think that the ending moment of Saturn's segment is the time to calculate the position of Gulika.

That is: The cusp of the sign rising at the beginning of the Gulika segment is considered as Gulika-from this the chart must be analysed. First House - Native posses cruel attitude, suffer from eye problems. Hate classical and traditional literature and rituals. Always cursing himself. Second House - Speaks ill of others.

Involve himself in domestic troubles. Face financial hardship. Third House - Proudy, selfish and remain aloof from society. Fond of drinking and always fighting with siblings.


Fourth House - Lives in dirty atmosphere. Shortage of funds and no pleasure of any conveyance. Fifth House - Worries on account of children. Dogmatic views and lack higher education. Sixth House - Involve himself in many vices and suffers from its ill effects. Always troubled by enemies. Seventh House - Character doubtful and spoils reputation in family circle — Suspicious about spouse.

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Eighth House - Life full of unending troubles. Suffer from chronic diseases — speak ill of others. Always threat to longevity. Ninth House - Suffering due to early death of father. No religious aptitude. Tenth House - No proper and gainful sources of income. Changing profession and unsuccessful in business. Eleventh House - Gains from progeny. Plenty of wealth. Luxurious life style. Twelth House - Poor living. Unable to meet fimily expenses.

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Depend on others for financial help. Second House - Native will be unsightly in appearance, miserable, mean, given to vices, shameless and penniless.

Mandi and Gulika in Astrology

Third House - N ative will be charming in appearance, will head a village, be fond of virtuous men and be honoured by the king. Fourth House - N ative will be sickly, devoid of happiness, sinful and afflicted due to windy and billious excesses. Fifth House - N ative will not be praise-worthy, be poor, short-lived, spiteful, mean, be a eunuch, be subdued by his wife and be a heterodox.

Sixth House - N ative will be devoid of enemies, be strong-bodied, splendorous, liked by his wife, enthusiastic, very friendly and helpful in disposition. Seventh House -N ative will subdue to his spouse, be sinful, will go to others females, be emaciated, devoid of friendship and will live on his wife's wealth. Eighth House - N ative will be troubled by hunger, be miserable, cruel, very much short-tempered, very unkind, poor and bereft of good qualities. Ninth House - N ative will undergo many ordeals, be emaciated, will perform evil acts, be very unkind, sluggish and be a talebearer.

Tenth House - N ative will be endowed with sons, be happy, will enjoy many things, be fond of worshipping gods and fire and will practice meditation and religion. Eleventh House -N ative will enjoy women of class, be a leader of men, be helpful to his relatives, be short stature and be an emperor. Twelth House -N ative will indulge in base deeds, be sinful, defective- limbed, unfortunate, indolent and will join mean people.

Saturn's son Gulika or Maandi in Horoscope शनि का बेटा गुलिक या मान्दि जन्मकुंडली में Part 1

The natural karaka planets when associated with Gulika destroy or diminish good results of that planet. It is consider Gulika is very malific in nature Just like Saturn. According to Parasara Gulika and Mandi is same. But some other says it is different.

According to Phaldipika Gulika is most malific upgrah among another. Gulika may destroy significant of planet when they sit with them.

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When with Mars harmful for siblings. When with mercury harmful for relatives or maternal relatives and cause mental troubles. When with Venus then it may makes native character less regarding sexual activities and harmful for wife. When with Saturn then cause critical disease, skin related disease and some time short life span. When Gulika is placed in bad nakshatra or gandanta or time which is not consider a auspicious then it may cause suffering for whole life through obstacles.

Calculations Of Gulika. We have to know this sequence. After that 8th part has no ruler. Suppose in above example. Calculations Of Gulika lagan. From above method we have to know Gulika bela. So the lagan rising sign at that time will be Gulika Position for that Person. Mandi — Mandi will be rise in mid part of Gulika bela. So lagan rise when Gulika rise will be Mandi lagan for that chart. Sun rise at am and Sun Set at So Dinman will be hour. So one Astmansha will be hour. Effect Of Gulika or Mandi in all 12th houses. He may be sensual. He may be wicked in nature.

He may be fraud. He may be average in height. He may be suffering from eyes related issues. He may be hot in tempar and rigidity in nature. He may be not brave. He may be always suffering from sorrows. He may be quarrelsome. He may be devoid from wealth and foods. He may be away from his family and lives in forigen place. He may has not good oral knowledge and also not knowledge meaning of words. He may creating dispute through his speech.

He may be shameless. He may be suffering from sorrows and bad habits. He may has deform body limbs.

He may be head of his village. He may be religious person. He may be dear to good man. He may be honored by king. He may be proudy and having all sorts of Comfort. He may be virtuous. He may very excited to earn money.


He may be hot in tempar. He may be suffering from separation from his wife. He may be suffering from separation from his siblings.